Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Carpet Bombing in Cyberspace

Military Journal, MAY 2008

[excerpt:] - The world has surrendered a stronghold mindset in this present reality, and we have to move past it in the internet. America needs a system that can extend control by building an robot system (botnet) that can guide such monstrous measures of movement to target machines that they can no more impart and turn into no more helpful to our enemies than hunks of metal and plastic. America needs the capacity to cover bomb in the internet to make the impediment we need. America confronts progressively refined dangers against its military and regular citizen the internet. In the meantime, America has no tenable hindrance, and our foes demonstrate it consistently by assaulting all over the place. More terrible, our preventive idea is in a general sense defective, and we have not taken in the least difficult lessons of history.